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@ -6,11 +6,11 @@ Solutions to various problems written in Factor
* To work on advent-of-code problems, go to [[https://adventofcode.com]] and create an account. You will need to do this to receive the puzzle input individually for you. Later, you will be able to upload your answers and get it checked for correctness.
* Add an `AUTHOR` environment variable and set it as your name/username. (On Gitpod, you can do this in account settings.):
export AUTHOR="My Name"
* Run `factor playground.factor` in terminal at the git repo root, then enter the following replacing `N` with the number of the day:
"aoc2020.dayN" aoc-init
* See `aoc2020.day1` for an example. If a solution is worth an explanation, it should go to the description in the docs in `dayN-docs.factor`.